Save All The Pets is using data science to save the lives of dogs and cats. First, we are collecting data about what dog traits make a dog more likely to be adopted in which locations. After we obtain the data, we will analyze it by appearance, age, and size, and then relocate animals to where they’re statistically more likely to be adopted.

For example, if older dogs are more likely to be adopted at a particular shelter in Dallas than one in Houston, we will move a certain number there as calculated by the model. Given that 800,000 dogs and cats per year are killed nationwide in shelters, this has the promise to save many lives.

Data Science Analysis Performed

  • We are obtaining information on which dogs are adopted where through Adopt-A-Pet. These trends help us know where to move the animals.
  • Are certain dogs more likely to be adopted in certain places? How does appearance play a role? What about older/younger dogs? Larger/smaller dogs? The model will analyze all these factors.
  • We’ll use neural nets to analyze the appearance of the dogs to see which dogs are adopted in which places.
  • We will use Natural Language Processing to obtain insights from the descriptions given for each animal. For example, does using certain words increase the likelihood that an animal will be adopted? We can share these findings with shelters. 
  • A number of factors will go into the process of determining which dogs to move to which locations, including the distance from one shelter to another, the rate of lifesaving, and a number of other factors. 
  • After we get the system running for dogs, we will work with cats.

Measuring Impact

  • We will track the dogs transported to determine when they are adopted out and compare it to when/if our model predicted they would have been adopted at the previous shelter.
  • Over time as the number of animals moved increases significantly, we can monitor outcome data at participating shelters to see if there has been an improvement.

Once the animal arrives…

….it will receive a new, handmade blanket courtesy of our friends at Comfort for Critters! Whoever adopts the pet gets to keep the blanket.

Your name reminds me of–

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Shout out to Allie Brosh

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