We use tech to save lives

What if we knew where dogs of a particular type were more likely to be adopted? What if we could move animals from a shelter where they faced euthanasia to a place we knew they were likely to find a happy home?

Save All The Pets is putting theory into action. We’re collecting data on shelter animals and their outcomes and then saving them–moving animals from shelters where face euthanasia to places they’re wanted–and we’re doing it in a scientifically and mathematically rigorous way. You always knew math and science were good for something, right?

Can you be more specific?

Let’s take an example. If older dogs are more likely to be adopted at a particular shelter in Chicago than one in Houston–where they face euthanasia–we can follow our mathematical model’s recommendations and move Spot, a 12 year old Lab mix, from Houston to Chicago.

Given that more than 700,000 dogs and cats per year are “put to sleep” nationwide in shelters, this has the promise to save many lives.

That actually sounds pretty smart…

It makes sense, doesn’t it? So how can you help? Start by following us on Facebook, signing up for our mailing list, and donating to the cause. We’re new, we’re innovative, and we’re shaking things up–in a good way. Join us.