Our Story

Our founder discusses our methods with two supporters.

Where did we come from? How did this all happen?

It started when our founder, Michael Suttles, was doing research on pets to analyze using data science. The more he dug, the more data he discovered online about shelters, euthanasia rates, and more.

Michael started talking to dozens of people in animal rescue–from tiny rescues to municipal shelters, from animal control officers to executives at large national organizations. Had anyone considered using a neural network on the data? He discovered that much more could be done with cutting edge technology. He was shocked that not only were people inside and outside of animal rescue receptive to his ideas, but over and over, the response was the same: “How can I help?”

Things started coming together. The data that Michael originally found online just wasn’t good enough, but soon, he found a better source that included exactly what was needed. He started tackling the transport aspect and other pieces, working with some of the same people in shelters and national organizations to make sure his plans passed muster.

Save All The Pets came into being. We’re a new organization, but our vision is broad. Why can’t advanced technology and data science help animals all across the United States? Why not the entire world? The answer is: it can, and we’re making it happen.

Join us.