Advisory Board

Tom Van Winkle

Tom is the Executive Director of Hinsdale Humane Society (HHS), which operates the Tuthill Family Pet Rescue & Resource Center in the metro-Chicagoland area.  He began his working career in finance, but soon moved to animal welfare and has been following his passion of helping animals for 22 years. Tom’s business background brings a dimension to the animal rescue industry which is too often overlooked and has allowed HHS to thrive in terms of animals helped, lives saved and the positive impact on families, children and individuals in our community.

Tom says, “I am honored to be asked to on the advisory board of Save All The Pets. While our industry will always be heavily driven by the emotional side of saving animals, Save All The Pets brings the all important, and oft-overlooked, aspect of how technology and data can save more lives.  Using this technology will help steer our emotionally powered efforts “

Chris Roy

Chris Roy is a technology guy in his “day” job and used his experience to create which is an online software platform custom-built for animal rescuers.  It’s like a combination of specifically for animal shelters and rescues to find new partners, and then a volunteer Uber for getting the animals where they need to go.  Chris enjoys helping provide technology solutions to some of the biggest challenges in animal rescue and is always looking for new ways to help animals and the people that care for them. Chris is supported by his amazing wife Daphne, and together they have 5 furkids: 4 cats and 1 dog.

Chris is energized by the Save All the Pets approach and says, “I’m ready to bring my knowledge and assets to support.  There’s too much apathy and bureaucracy in the animal welfare industry and we need innovation and action so we can save animals.”

Jennifer Gooding

Jennifer Gooding has over 17 years of experience in PR and nonprofit management. She began her PR and nonprofit career running a pet adoption center for one of the oldest and largest nonprofit organizations in the country, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA), where she quadrupled their adoption rate under her tenure. She then went on to run their PR department for two additional years, running everything from media for police raids to fundraising galas and co-producing telethons to raise money for the organization. She obtained her degree in Public Relations from Pepperdine University, where she also earned an accreditation in Nonprofit Management (one of the first ever in the world). Since opening her own PR firm, Narwhal Media Group, she has achieved tens of millions of ROI for nonprofits and companies ranging in size from startups to those on the Fortune 100 list, obtaining full-page profile pieces and other extensive media coverage in sought-after media outlets such as Tech Crunch, TIME, Fast Company, and 60 Minutes. She speaks, judges and mentors nationally on marketing for startups for three different international organizations, and serves on several boards helping tech startups and nonprofits. Her passion to help pets get adopted has carried on long after her full-time career through fostering, advocacy, and being on the board for Save All The Pets.

Jennifer lives in New York with her fiancé, two rescued cats and her rescued German Shepherd mix whom she adopted at the onset of going “kennel crazy” from being transferred between too many shelters and being in the system too long. He was mislabeled in both breed and temperament, but she adopted him knowing the facts were likely inaccurate due to the grave lack of support animal shelters have to provide better data to potential adopters. She hopes her work with Save All The Pets will save countless more animals just like Clifford. She may be connected with through LinkedIn.