Donor Profile: Sydney and Zach

Our rescue pets are such a huge part of our lives. Cabbie and Rie bring so much joy to our home and we cannot imagine our lives without them. I adopted Cabbie almost four years ago from a veterinarian’s office in my college town. My friend had taken their dog in for a routine check and informed me of the tiny box of kittens which had been dropped off by someone earlier that week. The vet was desperate to find them homes and I was very excited at the opportunity to adopt the sweet little calico. My fiancé and I adopted Rie together shortly after moving to D.C. in 2017. While we originally went to the shelter looking for a playmate for Cabbie, we couldn’t be happier with the playful grey tabby we brought home.

I volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter almost every Sunday morning while in high school and have been looking for opportunities to get involved in animal welfare ever since. When I first heard about Save All The Pets, I was shocked that their practice of using data science to optimize adoptions had yet to be employed by shelters throughout the country – it seemed like such a no-brainer! Such a simple, streamlined idea is making a difference for so many pets and the organization is adding significant value to the market. We are proud supporters of Save All The Pets and are glad to be able to share a small part in helping shelter pets throughout the country.