Donor Profile: Ravi and Claudiu

Ravi is a US diplomat and Claudiu is a dentist.

Rescuing pets is important for both of us. I grew up with dogs and my family only picked up our pets from the humane society and other rescue organizations. My first pet was Sam, a 9 month old golden retriever that we got from the pound after his owners abandoned him due to their child’s allergies. He was my most loyal friend through childhood, helping me navigate the turbulent middle and high school years.

When I was ready for my first pet as an adult, I went through a rescue organization based in DC that took dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in North Carolina. Thanks to them, I adopted Toby, a golden/terrier mutt in 2012 when he was roughly one year old. Since then, he’s traveled around the world with me, going to Romania, back to the United States, China and back again.

In Romania, Claudiu and I fostered a young pup, Siri, that we found abandoned on the side of the road in the countryside. We took her back to Bucharest, got her checked out and immunized and housetrained her. We were so happy when we found her a furever home with a loving couple. We also adopted our cat, Tom, from the Embassy parking lot in Bucharest.

We believe there are so many animals out there that just need someone to show them kindness and love. Arming yourself with the full data allows you to better understand how the organizations work and how your efforts make a difference. That’s why we’re happy to support Save All The Pets, so that even more amazing animals will be saved.